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This legal notice regulates express terms of use of the website with the address location URL www.rackart.com (Hereinafter "the Site"). All content and its (including but not limited to: text, logos, content and photographs) information "site" are protected by the laws of copyright of the United Mexican States. By accessing and browsing "SITE" confirms your consent and agree to the terms of use "SITE" offers. If you are not agree with these terms and conditions, we recommend and suggest you leave and do not use "site".


This is the official contract (hereinafter "Agreement") governing the terms of use of the site www.rackart.com user (hereinafter "USER"), it being provided by Rackart del Norte, SA de CV, (hereinafter "THE COMPANY"). This Agreement regulates and expresses the terms of use of "SITE" and your information (including but not limited to:. The text, logos, content and photographs)

General disposition:


"THE SITE" information and content are intellectual property of "THE COMPANY" or one of our suppliers, advertisers, partners, collaborators, employees or other third parties, and this information may be protected under the Federal Law Copyright, Law of Industrial Property, one of the international conventions to which Mexico is a part, or for any other legislation applicable to the matter. The information and content, includes but is not limited way: texts, reports, information, letters, articles, videos, podcasts, directories, manuals, photographs, advertisements, coupons, animations, images, designs, or other material, information or content, whether tangible or intangible.

Similarly, "the company" does not guarantee that the information provided by "site" is accurate, current, reliable, error-free, timely, integrated, reliable and dependable. "THE COMPANY" is not liable for any decision or action affecting, directly or indirectly "USER" derivative and / or based on information provided by "THE SITE". "THE COMPANY" does not warrant any content seen in "site" and is excluded from any liability with respect to "site", its contents or misuse "user" of "THE SITE ". "THE COMPANY" is not liable for damages or losses of any nature arising from access to "site" or the use of its contents.

2.       RIGHTS "USER".

"USER" will not have any rights to the content and information that is in "the site"; in the same way as you can not use for a use or exploitation. "USER" has only the right to navigate and use the service "SITE" offers, under the terms and conditions set forth in "THE CONTRACT". If "USER" use information "site", you must report that the information used comes from "SITE" above respecting the right of any third party possessing such information and / or content used by "USER "



"THE COMPANY" reserves the right at all times to modify the terms and conditions of use "AGREEMENT". The amendments are not subject to notice, because once changes "AGREEMENT" and "site", they come into force and therefore "USER" will have to adapt and meet the new terms are made and conditions resulting from any amendments thereto.



"USER" accepts the terms of use and agrees to use the service as what is stated in the law national, state, local, and in some cases international treaties; and act according to morality, decency and good faith. It is prohibited to "USER" use service "site" for unlawful or contrary to the provisions of the terms of use purposes. At the same time, "USER" is solely responsible for the activities occurring in play or during, through or under the navigation "SITE". Adding that "USER" shall not provide third parties with the use of the site where there are elements to consider that these same it intends to use for purposes contrary to the terms of use and / or unlawful purposes.



"THE COMPANY" provides certain areas of "site" is not limited to blogs or forums, to "USER" express their opinions, ideas, externe comments, messages, suggestions or other information (hereinafter, "PUBLICATIONS"). "USER" states, agrees and acknowledges that such "PUBLICATIONS" will be full responsibility and each user only decide interact and / or communicate through these provisions through "SITE". "Publications" under any circumstances express the ideas, ideology and / or intentions of "site". "The site" does not monitor, edit, review, delete, or modify any of the "PUBLICATIONS" despite reserve the right to do so. In the event that "THE COMPANY", in its discretion determines that any of the "PUBLICATIONS" violate the rights of a third party violates the terms and conditions of use "AGREEMENT" or could violate, "the company" is reserved the right to (i) does not allow to carry out publications; (Ii) eliminate such publications; (Iii) revoke the right of the user to use the site; (Iv) use legal technological means, without limitation, blocking IP addresses or deactivating your site navigation. When generating any of the "Publications", "User" acknowledges and agrees that it reserves any rights to publication and authorizes "the site" to use whole or in part, in any medium or in any way as your convenience.


"Publications" that are commercial or of which "USER" intended to turn a profit, income or promotion purposes is considered contrary to the terms and conditions of use "AGREEMENT".




"THE SITE" contains links, links and redirects that lead to other sites (hereinafter "Links"). Also, "USER" may interact, engage or use the services or by third parties, such as advertisers, sponsors or promotional through the "links". "THE COMPANY" is not responsible for the information, content, materials, actions and / or services offered by third parties through the "links". In addition, "the company" is not responsible for interaction, communication or participation "USER" with "links". The sites to which you have access through the "links" are not owned by "THE COMPANY" so it is not responsible for its content. That is why, notwithstanding any applicable law, "the company" will not grant any guarantees on the reliability, legality, accuracy, availability, usefulness or any aspect of the content of the "links". That's why that, but not limited to, "the company" will not be liable for any damages either direct, secondary, indirect or otherwise. Similarly not be liable for consequences of the "bonds" due to: (i) The inaccuracy of the information contained in the pages of the site; (Ii) malfunctions of the site; (Iii) the transmission of virus or harmful transmission to the computer through the site.


"THE COMPANY" will not be responsible for any damage, injury or loss, whether direct, indirect, caused to "USER" due to flaws in the system, server or the Internet. Similarly, "the company" will not be liable for any viruses that infect your computer or "user" from the use or access of "site". "THE COMPANY" does not guarantee the continued use of "site" use, this due to flaws in the internet, technical details, restructuring "SITE" maintenance "SITE" or some outside agency or not to "THE COMPANY" . "USER" recognizes and accepts that "the company" will not have any responsibility and shall not inculparla for any aforementioned incident.


"THE COMPANY" use "cookies" when a user browses "SITE". "Cookies" are associated only with an anonymous user and your computer. That is why they do not provide references that allow the User Name. "Cookies" by "THE COMPANY" can not read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other providers. The use of technology "cookies" allows "the company" recognize registered users after they have registered for the first time without having to register each time they access the areas and services reserved exclusively to them. "USER" has the right to set your browser to notify of the reception of "cookies" and to avoid installing them on your hard drive. Please consult the instructions and manuals of your browser for more information. To use the service, does not need to "USER" allows the installation of "cookies" sent by "THE COMPANY". Should prevent the installation of cookies is likely to "SITE" not function properly and will require that whenever "site", "USER" is used you will have to register.



The use of "site" and all that will be regulated under the laws of the United Mexican States. "USER" expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. In this sense, the present legal notice is governed and meets each and every one of the requirements in the United Mexican States.



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