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Design and manufacturing

Design and manufacture of equipment for material handling in production lines and manufacturing cells.

We have a workshop equipped to integrate solutions tailored to their needs and are certified to weld an inch and a half ascending vertical to the AWS with the MIG process

For the system Lean we have qualified for the design and assembly of rugged, lightweight, ergonomic and functional equipment, which offer solutions as Racks flow Fifos, workstations, assembly lines, manufacturing cells, Cars for materials, baskets staff shelves, Visual, tables and dividers.

We can process equipment traditional manufacturing to 40 tons of steel monthly, for the production of equipment such as trucks for material handling, industrial carts, baskets, stackable racks, dunnage, roller conveyors gravity and motorized control options, tables transfer balls, conveyors, fittings, where required to meet load requirements, speed, performance, functionality, robustness and durability.

Design and development of proposals through the use of a CAD computer-assisted program for making presentations 2D, with their different perspectives, allowing authorized once the project can go directly to manufacturing.