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Wheels and casters

See catalog Wheels and Industrial slices


Wheels and industrial and commercial slices for handling and cargo movement in general.

We have the ideal slice that meets industry specifications, such as type of load, application, type of floor, operating conditions and characteristics of the wheel: material, bearing, diameter and color.

El online catalog contains the most common industrial wheels and slices used in Mexico, but in the PDF catalogs You can count on our full range of industrial wheels and slices.Always keep in mind that if you do not find the wheel or industrial slices with the characteristics meeting the requirements of the equipment which will be installed, do not hesitate to contact us, because we have engineers who can propose the best solution.

We have large inventory of industrial wheels and slices in Monterrey, Queretaro Mexico for all. Sales of industrial wheels and sliced ​​in Monterrey, Queretaro and Mexico.

  • Slices for handcart
  • Slices of easy handling or maneuverability
  • Sliced ​​high load capacity
  • Slices that support high impacts
  • Special slices that protect floors
  • Ergonomically slices to complement the equipment
  • Sliced ​​cushioned
  • Textile slices with Guarda
  • Sliced ​​ESD (Electro Static Discharge)
  • Slices for entrainment platform wagons
  • phenolic wheels
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Gray Rubber Wheels
  • Nylon wheels
  • Fierro wheels
  • Wheels for Riel
  • High Temperature Wheels
  • Wheels for Supermarket
  • Wheels for Horn Panaderos
  • Semi pneumatic wheels
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • Wheels for Diablito
  • Wheels for Rodacarga or Mula
  • Precision wheel Balero