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LEAN System Structure

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LEAN system structures. constructive and adaptable system of pipes and connectors for lean manufacturing (Lean Manufacture)

  • System for material handling high adaptability to continuously improve assembly processes.
  • Where the flow of materials required and minimize handling or reshuffling of the same and therefore minimize the risk of damage.
  • Maximum flexibility to adapt to the continuous changes of models or products.
  • Ideal for the implementation of JIT (Just in Time).
  • To create workspaces ergonomically designed, comfortable and efficient, giving us a drop irrigation work as a labor improvement.
  • The system design is a priority to safeguard the raw material or finished product by the flow.
  • System where the limit of their solutions is the creativity of each individual.
  • All components are reusable, giving us improve our environment.
  • Structures for production lines and manufacturing cells and for dynamic storage in supermarkets.
  • Slide rails dynamic products in their online stores.
  • The connectors can be e-coat finishes, maximum corrosion resistance or galvanized, for use in the field or aesthetic DSU.
  • Steel pipes plastic coated ABS offer the advantage of having predefined color so you do not need to be painted. As well as providing protection to the industrial environment everyday wear. So your teams will be presentable all the time.
  • We have the ESD version (this is pronounced in English) for electrostatic discharge tubes, connectors, rails and accessories.
  • We offer products and accessories to help you create your teams and your ideas, with the following advantages: easy, flexible and reusable.
  • With its simple system armed, anyone without any expertise or specific knowledge, you can build reliably and visually pleasing. For this we offer our customers free inductive training.
  • It allows easy replacement or modification of the finished product if required, as only have to remove and replace the parts in question without requiring downtime line, resulting in zero downtime, so it becomes the ideal system.
  • For large projects we offer from cutting materials to the assembly thereof to shorten response times.
  • We provide our customers the drawing department to generate diagrams of equipment, assemblies, sub assemblies and materials cutting program and the pre-drawn components in CAD.
  • As fabrication shop we can design and manufacture accessories that are not in our catalog.
  • All our pipes and accessories are compatible for use with almost any other brand.
  • All our products are free of heavy metals (Rohs Compliance)
  • Sell ​​Structures Lean in Monterrey, Queretaro and Mexico.