Code of conduct

Employee Code of Conduct Rackart

The Code of Conduct contains Workers Rackart expectations of the company Rackart del Norte, SA de CV (collectively "Rackart") in the areas of deNegocios integrity, labor practices, health and safety of employees and environmental management. The Code of Conduct Employees Rackart apply compulsorily to all employees contractually bound to practitioners, as well as all technical, professional, service providers, whether natural person or legal entity, which are linked and / or provide professional services to Rackart for certain, unspecified, for fees or eventual regime (collectively "Employees") time. It is the duty of the human resources that all employees Rackart, know the Code of Conduct for Employees. The Employee Code of Conduct aims to establish the principles and values ​​to be observed in the behavior of employees Rackart. The observance of the principles contained in this Code of Conduct for Employees is in addition to the obligations of each employee in particular.


Principles of Business Conduct

Rackart expects its empleadosy all providing a service, conduct business ethically company in accordance with the law, with integrity, honesty and transparency and adhere to the following principles:


1.       Compliance with Law. Employees shall conduct the business of the company in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations applicable in the countries where they conduct business.

2.       Prohibit the use of child labor. Employees responsible for hiring area will hire only workers who meet the age requirement established by national law and comply with the relevant standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO for its acronym in Spanish). allow minors to perform work that unreasonably interferes with their ability to attend school or perform jobs that expose them to physical or psychological risks which may impair their physical, mental or emotional development is prohibited.

3.       Prohibit all forms of forced or compulsory labor. Employees may not use any forced or compulsory labor, slavery or servitude and can not use physical punishment, threats of violence or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse as a method of discipline or control.

4.       Comply in a timely manner with their schedules and work assignments. Employees should ensure that working hours and work assignments are as stipulated in their contract and Rackart needs. Committing to always comply in a timely manner with its obligations and outstanding established by Rackart.

5.       Fostering a diverse workforce and provide a workplace free of discrimination. Employees should make decisions based work qualities, skills, business needs, performance and experience, and not on personal characteristics, beliefs or relationships.

6.       Respect the right of employees to freedom of association and collective join groups working in accordance with local laws provide safe and healthy workplaces. Proactively manage the health risks and safety to provide an environment free of incidents where accidents and injuries are avoided. In addition, employees should maintain clean sanitation, not block emergency exits and evacuation routes to know in case of any incident in Rackart.

7.       Carry out operations for environmental care. Employees must comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and consider in its operations the conservation of natural resources and recycling.

8.       Shares of loyalty and honesty. Employees must comply with laws regarding bribery and corruption, competition, ownership and use of intellectual property rights. Offer, provide or accept bribes, kickbacks or anything of value to secure an improper commercial advantage, destroys free enterprise and the essence of competition. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to request or make arrangements or agreements with customers, suppliers, government officials or other third parties to ensure personal benefit or business advantage through improper or illegal means.

9.       Information.Rackart employees should be guided by the principle of information is to enable anyone coworker, information it asked to perform some activity. The information must be complete, accurate, transparent and timely.

10.    Professionalism.Rackart employees and who will provide professional services must, at all times, distinguished by a high degree of professionalism in the activities they perform. always seeking greater efficiency and effectiveness for Rackart and working in cooperation with their coworkers when circumstances require.

11.    Confidentiality. Rackart employees at all times keep confidentiality of information that is owned by Rackart and that by virtue of his work have received. Understood confidential information enunciatively but not limited to: Contacts, Business strategies, business plans, manufacturing processes, technical data, distribution methods, know-how, customer lists and suppliers, sales information and markets, records customers, sales and operating manuals, pricing information, processes and technology, operating methods, manufacturing techniques, intellectual property, patents and in addition to the above and if any information licensed from third parties or property of Rackart.




Employees, and service providers, express and acknowledge that they have read and understood the Code of Conduct of Employees Rackart and expressly accept the form and principles with which Rackart states that must be followed. expressly agree that failure to comply with the principles and rules set out in this Code will bring the consequences Rackart determine relevant for each specific case.